Tours from the team that participated in the creation of the iconic Chernobyl mini-series.
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Since 2006 we do on-field research of the Chernobyl Zone, collecting and analyzing information about it. And more than a decade we share our experience with anyone, who want to know more about Chernobyl — being those, who stand in origins of tours there in general.

So summing it up: on this website we will try to explain all things as detailed as possible, but don't hesitate to contact us if needed. If our way matches your needs — then we will help you to see the real Chernobyl Zone, with its secrets and truth, and help you comprehend this another world.

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Safety above all
We use industrial-level equipment and know how to avoid danger.
We love science
The Zone is not an amusement park. It is place for getting knowledge.
No managers here
All of us are experienced guides. So you talk and generally go with the same people.
Custom. Period.
We follow personal approach, so create a program for every group.
We have own data
Hundreds of pics and GBs of media content to show you on location
The Zone is our passion
We are explorers, scientists and former inhabitants of Pripyat

Our stunning itineraties

Our team is focused on comprehensive Chernobyl tours and Pro Explorations, as we believe that combination of a properly built route and rich information package can guarrant a right level of experience. In our work we follow a systematic/scientific approach, use industrial-level gear and pay extreme attention to safety — as we consider the Zone a place, where all people are guests, but where in the same are incredible opportunities to learn new.

Any private tour can be exteneded with Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant internal visit.

The Chernobyl Zone is a place where even usual things work completely different comparing to our normal daily life.
Altough it is impressive and just beautiful, it is, nevertheless, a harsh regime territory. We pay exceptional attention to educating our visitors, but very much depends on you too.
Build up your knowledge to understand more about the Zone, its nature and processes behind it.

Locations overview

What is what in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.


Frequent questions about the visits and the Zone itself.

Rules of visit

Obligatory rules applicable for all visitors.

Radioactive contamination

What are you going to deal with in the Zone.

Hideout of a lonely dosimetrist

A full immersion to 1986 epoch in our secret museum. Available exclusively to our visitors.

Learn more about the Chernobyl Zone

The Zone is a place, where common reality breaks down, releasing a dramatic experience you won't find anywhere else.
However, we speak not only about its overwhelming visual factor, but a nature of environment itself. We collected the information that will help you to become more theoretically prepared for your visit.

Abandoned town
Tovsty Lis
Abandoned village
Nova Krasnitsa
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Skazochny Camp
Abandoned pioneers camp
Chernobyl-2 Duga OTH Radar
Military base
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned town
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
kryva gora
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned town
Abandoned village
Abandoned village

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