Русский военный корабль, иди нахуй!

On February 24, 2022, russia, led by vladimir putin and sergei shoigu, started an unprecedented invasion into Ukraine, driven by their delusional vision of the world and their insane ideology that is dominating their country for the last two decades. Being based in the village of Dityatky, where the main checkpoint of the Zone is located, we saw in the sky one of the first Caliber missiles flying towards Kyiv. In the evening, a herd of russian troops breached the state border with belarus and started to move through the Chornobyl Zone towards Kyiv. Thanks to the heroism of our army and territorial defense forces, many, many invaders were later disintegrated into atoms.

According to local traditions, when someone in Ukraine dies, we wish that the soil will be soft as a feather for them. For the russian troops, we wish it would be as sharp fiberglass.

Dityatky village, along with multiple settlements and thousands of people has been under occupation. The same was with the Zone and the NPP, where its heroic staff holds their shift for a very long time. 

The Zone always was a symbol of the human mistake and fragility of everything we value and love. Once more, this land is a witness of one more mistake -- so far, the greatest ever. We have no idea, when it will be possible to visit the Zone in the future. Knowing russians, who turn to direct terrorism now, they did their best to turning the territory into something, where the presence of people will mean direct danger to them.

We always knew where we are living, and with whom we are dealing. We are alive, remain in Ukraine, and continue our operations back on site in Dityatky

We restored operations of the Volunteers HQ and already helped a lot of people in the region and in the Zone. If you want to join forces with us or make a donation — contact us.

What more can you do back in your countries: spread the word about russian crimes. Help refugees from Ukraine. Show your governments, that Ukraine needs more weapons. Show your governments, that Ukraine deserves EU membership in the shortest time.

That's it.

Alex & ChernobylLab Team

P.S: A writing of russia & co. from the small letter is not a mistake. 

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We open the real Chernobyl.

Some of our teammates lived in Pripyat before the disaster of 1986. We learned, how in one day everything we love, know, and are used to may perish.
Years passed, and we returned back, to this new, post-Chernobyl world. Now, with our tours to Chernobyl we give you a chance to experience it with in person with our author's programs.

Since 2006 we do on-field research of the Chernobyl Zone, collecting and analyzing information about it. This is a bit-by-bit job we do on a daily basis, and it is a foundation of our Chernobyl tours. We run numerous projects as well, work with photographers and movie makes (for example, HBO Chernobyl mini-series), but before all, we make people think. What we have experienced, could be your story. Therefore, we are sure, that it is important to visit Chernobyl to become more human. To live so that after you there are no dead cities left behind.

At this website, we will try to explain all things as detailed as possible, but don't hesitate to contact us if needed. If our way matches your needs — then we will help you to see the real Chernobyl Zone, with its secrets and truth, and help you comprehend how massive its phenomenon is.

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All our programs cover the history of the Polissya region, and events that happened here. We help our guests understand the cultural contexts of the Soviet and ex-Soviet period, learn about nuclear energy and technology. A big attention we pay to educate about historical and present activities in the Zone, and the elimination of the consequences of Chernobyl disaster — a work, that is still ongoing.

If you are flexible with your time, we recommend to take at least a two day Chernobyl tour. The Exclusion Zone is very large, and amount of information you will receive is also very huge. So it is a good judgement to have enough time to think and get answers for the questions that definitely will appear.

We have a fantastic two day tour to Chernobyl with an internal visit to Control Room IV and Reactor III of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. If you wish a longer experience, you can take a 3-day tour to Chernobyl or even build up your tailor-made program with our Pro Explorations.

If you have only one day, then check our private day tour to Pripyat, or one-day small group tour to Chernobyl we run practically every Sunday.

All private programs can be extended by our author's programs in Pripyat or Duga OTH Radar, as well as with evening discussions with access to our collection of documents, historical artefacts and archive media content.

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The Zone is a place, where common reality breaks down, releasing a dramatic experience you won't find anywhere else.
However, we speak not only about its overwhelming visual factor, but the nature of the environment itself. We pay exceptional attention to educating our visitors, but very much depends on you too.
So we collected the information that will help you to become more theoretically prepared for your visit.

Abandoned town
Tovsty Lis
Abandoned village
Nova Krasnitsa
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
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Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Skazochny Camp
Abandoned pioneers camp
Chernobyl-2 Duga OTH Radar
Military base
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned town
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
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Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned village
Abandoned town
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Abandoned village

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