Ok, so as you got to this page, a small disclaimer.
Normally, in the 'about us' section you will find some special marketing stuff that should explain, why this particular company is so cool.

I think, not this time.

So, you are at ChernobylLab. 
We make epic tours, but same time we are not a "classic" travel agency. We are the research team of Pripyat.com project — the first and still the biggest project about Pripyat and Chernobyl disaster.
Since 2006 we do field- and archival work to find real and detailed information about the Zone and its locations, to know more and understand more. Apart from this, we conduct various Chernobyl-related projects for already 15 years — see the list.
At some point we came to such a stage when we needed to share this with others — so now you can go there with us.

Despite we use it (well, just for convenience), we really dislike the word "tour". Because we take people not to entertain, but to introduce, enlight hearths and change souls. 
To us, it's important to grow the interest of any real events in the history of Chernobyl, and we really like to support that as far as possible. 
Therefore, we do exploration trips to Chernobyl Zone. As Pripyat.com, we stood at the origins of these tours (on that time we were bringing there big buses of people) and have done a lot to achieve their present form — and regular travel agencies that make just trips to the Zone mostly use our achievements even up to present days. 

We are not afraid of harsh routes.
We know, that the true Zone is like a piece of concrete to fall on.
We are dark and pretty crazy, but reasonable. We pay very very much attention to safety. And we love science.

So look,
We understand, that our way is not for all. 
Few times we had visitors, that was a little skeptical — and how they were looking shocked around when we returned to Kyiv with them.
Because it is all about changing minds and unleashing quite intimate personal experience. 
So, let's go?

Alex & team.

Team of ChernobylLab

Oleksandr Syrota
Oleksandr Syrota

President of NGO "Center "Pripyat.com", and a former inhabitant of Pripyat.
A true legend of the Zone.

Oleksandr Rybak
Alex Rybak (aka Hermann Sch.)

Chernobyl Dude.

Michaela Bušovská
Michaela Bušovská

Leading Slovak expert on the Chernobyl disaster.

Denis Vishnevsky
Denis Vishnevsky


Head of the department of flora and fauna ecology of the Chernobyl Radioecological Reserve.