Discover Chernobyl

The Zone is a place, where common reality breaks down, releasing a dramatic experience you won't find anywhere else.
However, we speak not only about its overwhelming visual factor, but a nature of environment itself.
On this page, we collected the information that will help you to become more theoretically prepared for your visit.

Overview of the Zone

An overview of Chernobyl Zone
past and present

The Lab Files

Various stories
and research articles from us

Pictures of the Zone

The key is in the small details,
you can be sure

Archival movies

Footages of alive Pripyat,
carefully restored from 16 mm films.

Try the first ever isometric map of Chernobyl Zone — detailed and explained.

Introduction to dosimetry

Units, doses, and basics of using
equipment for measurements

Radioactive contamination

Essential basics on radioactivity
in Chernobyl Zone


Reference of different locations of the Zone


Frequent questions about the visits and the Zone itself.