Hideout of a lonely dosimetrist

Hideout of a lonely dosimetrist

A full immersion to 1986 epoch in our museum. Available exclusively to our visitors.


This is our speciality. A speak-easy museum somewhere on the border of Chernobyl Zone, that will give you a chance to feel yourself as a witness of the events of 1986.

The times, when challenges were extreme, and future was unclear.

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There are some things related to the story of Chernobyl disaster, that is quite hard to explain; like a hidden meaning between the lines, they are imprinted into the memories and sharp feelings, and to formalize them is nearly impossible.

We believe, that only a full immersion may bring a person from the outside to some deeper understanding of this, very special post-Chernobyl life. So in May 2019 we created this place.

Located at undisclosed location near the border of Chernobyl Zone, it is a restored radiation control outpost from the Ilovnitsa village that operated in 1986-87, during the active phase of liquidation of consequenses of disaster at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

Visit here is included in all our Chernobyl tours.

What is possible to do here?

Feel yourself as a witness of that time with a help of the carefully build environment.

See unique photos and various documents about pre-disaster life on territory of modern Chernobyl Zone from our archives, watch chronicles that we carefully restored from reels — on a real TV set from 80s.

Touch real artifacts of that times, such as a Soviet payphone (yes — the same like in Pripyat, but intact and not contaminated), or a real Chernobyl NPP employee uniform from 1986.

Try functioning radiation monitoring equipment — from a basic DP-5V Geiger counter to complex RKB4 for laboratories.

Talk with people, who directly experienced the events of that times.

Chernobyl museum

Chernobyl museum

Chernobyl museum

Chernobyl museum