Submitted on 11.11.2019 17:10
A dim story of the iconic location

Located north of the Palace of Culture «Energetik», the amusement park is one of the most iconic places in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone that year over year draws the attention of numerous visitors. Pictures made here one could find virtually in any trip report.

Submitted on 04.09.2018 14:20
A retro-look to dosimetry equipment

Back to 70s and beginning of 80s, most of devices were analog-based, and displayed power of the dose using microampermeter with custom dial.

Submitted on 02.09.2018 19:50
A sandbox of the ecological Apocalypse

What is the Chernobyl Zone from the ecologist’s point of view? Before all, it is a forest. And, also rivers and swaps, some open landscapes on the places that used to be agricultural fields.

Submitted on 12.03.2018 21:15
A beginner dosimetrist's guide

In the previous article we looked on overall radiological conditions in Chernobyl Zone. Today we will talk about measurements of radioactivity levels. Surely, you have seen pictures of people pointing their Geiger counters to spots across the Zone, but in fact it is not always that straightforward.

Submitted on 11.03.2018 11:40
A short overview

Probably, you will agree that nearly the first thing one remembers in relation to Chernobyl Zone is radioactivity and radioactive contamination. It won't be an overestimation to call this place the world's biggest technogenic radioactive source, and same time, the most complex source. So when you go here, it is the best practice to have basic understanding of how it all works.