Submitted on 01.03.2021 11:17
A journey across the surroundings

When the hard snowing ended and — finally — the roads got less-more cleaned, we got a spontaneous idea to repeat a journey to far surroundings that we made a few years ago. Especially, given that lands of Chernobyl Polissya look majestic in wintertime.

Submitted on 02.07.2018 20:32
A journey to origins

These places, located on the left bank of Pripyat river, are quite special. Being clamped between rivers, endless swamps and dense forests, for centuries they were a site for ancient neighbourhoods. As physical access here was obstructed, a traditional, pretty archaic way of life continued here, making these lands an epitome of Chernobyl Polissya culture, still in the focus of interest of ethnographists and adventure seekers.