Submitted on 03.04.2020 19:45
A main tool of the Pripyat store sellers

Many of those who have been on our tours, know Alex's passion to restore various old tech. Today we'd like to share a small story about our new exhibit.

This is the first type of Soviet electronic weiging scales ever produced — 1261VN-3CT (1261ВН-3ЦТ) "Dina". Back in  pre-disaster times, you would find them operating in many grocery stores in Pripyat.

Submitted on 06.12.2019 20:29
A workhorse for β-active isotopes analysis

A cliche picture from a Chernobyl tour: a dosimeter over an apple or a mushroom having some readings on its display.

Submitted on 29.11.2019 14:03
Keep your hands clean

Many of those who have been with us at Chernobyl power plant, asked — what are these grey boxes? You may find them installed in the Golden corridor that connects all the reactor units.

Submitted on 04.09.2018 14:20
A retro-look to dosimetry equipment

Back to 70s and beginning of 80s, most of devices were analog-based, and displayed power of the dose using microampermeter with custom dial.