Submitted on 20.03.2021 14:06
A store record from the day of evacuation of Pripyat.

Sometimes, the small things may tell a very big story. We found this report several years ago in a small staff room in one of the shops in Pripyat. And it gave a sharp feeling.

Submitted on 11.03.2021 11:53
A first-hand experience of a witness of Chernobyl in Japan

Editor's notice: Today is 10 years since events in Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. This text was written by our teammate, Oleksandr Syrota, in 2012. Being a person who experienced the unfolding Chernobyl disaster back in 1986, he went to the Fukushima disaster zone in 2012, just one year after the earthquake happened.

Submitted on 01.03.2021 11:17
A journey across the surroundings

When the hard snowing ended and — finally — the roads got less-more cleaned, we got a spontaneous idea to repeat a journey to far surroundings that we made a few years ago. Especially, given that lands of Chernobyl Polissya look majestic in wintertime.

Submitted on 25.01.2021 23:45
A new book by Michaela Bušovská

Našli sme obchod, a našli sme aj školu, o ktorej sme vedeli... A tu to prišlo.
Logická otázka. Načo sú v škole postele? Keď na chvíľku zabudneme špecifiká socialistického školstva, keď sa aj v sobotu chodilo na vyučovanie...
Od detailného preskúmania budovy nás odradili mačacie labky otlačené v piesku.

Submitted on 24.12.2020 13:56
A hundred years old Christmas wish

While checking our archives, we found a Christmas postcard from 1914, and then some more from different years. All of them were written in pre-reform Russian and featured an exchange between family members in Chernobyl and Kyiv in a period between two revolutions and partly during World War I. Actually, as it appeared from the texts, one of family members was a seaman on a battle ship.

Submitted on 10.12.2019 14:25
M. Nazarenko, who made the world-famous shots of alive Pripyat.

For all his busyness, Mikhail Nazarenko found an opportunity to record life in his beloved city for himself just so. That times, before the accident, no one could even imagine how valuable these shots of the ordinary life of Pripyat would become.

Submitted on 23.11.2019 21:23
Paintings by Peter Yemets

It was 1996, when for the first time I saw few of Peter Yemets’s artworks. There were low-quality reproductions in an article about upcoming anniversary of disaster. That moment it was like opening a window to some underworld.