Author's private tours to Chernobyl Zone

You are about to come to a place, that in the same time is a world's biggest laboratory, a site for unique projects and a land with an incredible history.
We created stunning author's itineraries to let you open Chernobyl Zone in a right way. Learn about radioactivity, history and technology. Immerse into the thousands years old folk culture of Ukrainian Polissya.
All of this — with the maximum safety, industrial-grade gear and scientific approach.

Any private tour can be exteneded with Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant internal visit.

The Chernobyl Zone is a place where even usual things work completely different comparing to our normal daily life.
Altough it is impressive and just beautiful, it is, nevertheless, a harsh regime territory. We pay exceptional attention to educating our visitors, but very much depends on you too.
Build up your knowledge to understand more about the Zone, its nature and processes behind it.


Discover the Zone

Visit to Chernobyl is a once-a-lifetime experience.
Build your knowledge to understand more about the Zone.

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Rules, safety and frequent questions

Get a structured and clear explanation on everything what you need to know before going here.

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Hideout of a lonely dosimetrist

A full immersion to 1986 epoch in our secret museum. Available exclusively to our visitors.