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Introducing STALKER Hotel&Hostel — your place for stay on our tours.





We are known for our attention to quality, so we established a partnership with the best. Therefore, on all our tours we stay and have meals at the STALKER Hotel&Hostel — a brand-new comfortable complex located just 1.5 km to the east from the Checkpoint Dityatky, straight outside the border of the Exclusion Zone. This is a serious level-up comparing to all previously available options of stay in the region.

Comparing to the stay at Chernobyl town, with its evening curfew (yes, there is) and very limited options for meals, STALKER offers everything you may need for a good stay and proper rest, which is essential to have enough power for our programs.

Meals (by menu, by sets and to go)

A long-established fact is: after a full day in the Zone, you will wish to eat an elephant. Stalker Grill Bar offers a variety of meals, as well as a big selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Both international and Ukrainian cuisine available — from our nation's signature borsch, varenyky and Chicken Kyiv, to international dishes, well enhanced by the chef. What about having a Graphite Burger?

Check the menu here.

On our tours we offer dinner (late lunch) and breakfast sets which are available in variants, however, you of course may order by the menu instead.
A late lunch set consists of 3 courses and a drink. For example:

  • fresh vegetable salad with ham
  • borsch
  • chicken Kyiv with mashed potatoes
  • tea, coffee, or juice.
A breakfast set consists of 2 courses and a drink. For example:
  • an egg scramble with ham, pork, and hollandaise sauce
  • pancakes with jam
  • tea, coffee, or juice.

On demand, to-go sets are available to keep you energized and hydrated while on location.

Stalker Grill Bar
Stalker Grill Bar

Breakfast at Stalker Grill Bar
A breakfast. Those, who had a breakfast inside the Chernobyl Zone in the past, will now have a special feeling.


Depending on your preferences, you may choose a bed in comfortable hostel rooms with 2, 4, or 6 beds, or a few of four fully-equipped hotel rooms with private bathrooms.

Each sleeping place in hostel rooms is equipped with individual lighting, a curtain, and a wall socket with stabilized 220V current. There is a locker for belongings. Bathrooms are located on each of the two floors of the complex. Each room has Wi-Fi available.

That is how it looks (images courtesy of the STALKER):

A hostel room for four at the Stalker Hotel&Hostel
A hostel room for four

A hostel room for six at the Stalker Hotel&Hostel
A hostel room for six.

One of the bathrooms at the Stalker Hotel&Hostel
One of the bathrooms

One of the bathrooms at the Stalker Hotel&Hostel
One of the bathrooms

For couples or those who wish more privacy, four hotel rooms are available. Each hotel room equipped with a large bed, private bathroom, TV, desk and a wardrobe. Broadband Wi-Fi is available across all the facility. Additionally, there is a room adjusted for a wheelchair access.

One of the hotel rooms at the Stalker Hotel&Hostel
A large bed at one of hotel rooms

One of the hotel rooms at the Stalker Hotel&Hostel
Interior of one of hotel rooms

One of the hotel rooms at the Stalker Hotel&Hostel
A private bathroom of a hotel room

A wheelchair-accesible bathroom
A wheelchair-accesible bathroom of a hotel room

Other cool things 

Additionally, the facility features:

  • Stalker Lounge, a place for meetings, lectures and discussions that we use for introduction and theoretical preparations during our overnight programs.
  • Broadband Wi-Fi connection
  • Parking place
  • A library of books on Chernobyl subject (made by our team) and fan-fiction of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series
  • Laundry service
  • 24h reception

It is a time to choose your tour to Chernobyl and experience the place on your own!


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