Visit the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant from inside.

Take your ultimate chance to visit the place, where history of mankind has changed forever.


A visit to Chernobyl NPP, without overestimation, brings to some completely another level of understanding what happened in 1986. From inside this facility looks like a labyrinth.
And a mind refuses to comprehend that all this was created just to produce energy. Because it is a place, that produces history

Our main advice — take it not as an enterntainment, but as a chance to get detailed answers to your questions from the experts. So use this chance well.

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You can extend any of our tours to Chernobyl with a visit to internals of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. This program is an unique opportunity to learn much more about this nuclear facility, Chernobyl accident and liquidation works.


The program takes approximately 3.5 hours.
Average list of locations includes (depends on actual constraints and decision of Chernobyl NPP):

  • ABK-1 Administration building
    This is the head office of Chernobyl NPP. Here you pass an ID and security clearances.
  • Fallout shelter #1
    A fully-equipped protective facility designed to protect employees of Chernobyl NPP in case of emergencies.
  • Clothes changing facility
    Here you have to change clothes to internal one in order to proceed to maximum security area.
  • Golden corridor
    A 600-m long corridor that connects all units together.
  • CSchU-1
    Central control room for the energy distribution switchyard of the power plant.
  • BSchU-2/3
    Control room of Unit II or III.
  • IASK OU control room
    Control room for the Shelter Object (Sarchophagus).
  • Unit III 3GCN main circulation pumps
    Gigantic pumps that were used to provide circulation of water through the active zone of the reactor of Unit III.
  • Valery Khodemchuck memorial
    A plaque installed on the wall the separates Units III and IV in memory of V. Khodemchuck -- operator of circulation pumps, that died during explosion and whose body was never found.
  • Observation point of NSC
    A square in ±200 m distance from the New Safe Confinement.
  • Observation hall of Shelter Object/NSC
    A place to learn very much new about the original Shelter Object and the New Safe Confinement.


2700 UAH/person (approximately 90 Euros).
You pay just the power plant fee, we do not charge you anything extra.

How to book

  • Booking is possible strictly not later than 15 days before the visit. Full advance payment required.
  • Visits are possible only during business days and only if free slots are available.
  • We will give full instructions how to make booking and payment online and then will synchronize it with our tour program.
  • Although it is possible (we tested) to combine this program with even one-day tour, we strongly advice to plan it at least in 2-day one, as otherwise relatively not so much time will remain for other locations.